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People have more similarities than differences. Cultural differences do not have to mean a reliance on stereotypes and clichés which distance groups of people from one another, rather it can be grounds for further understanding and the general enriching of our lives. Fusion Intercultural Projects Berlin e.V. creates a platform for this exchange of ideas with its projects. A goal of our practical work is to contribute to the integration of children and young people from migrant backgrounds as well as their families. We know the problems which result from migration, we know that there is a strong correlation in urban areas between migration, unemployment and other socio-economic disadvantages. At the same time, however, we see from our daily experience in Berlin-Neukölln that migration can also have positive effects, bringing new ideas, new momentum and fresh energies with it. This positive change caused by immigration is utilized to counter the negative effects related to migration and to strengthen the similarities between different groups of people and combat prejudice.

Who we are:
Fusion Intercultural Projects Berlin e.V. is a non-profit organization, which combines youth work with art and concentrates on the conception as well as the execution of socio-cultural projects. The work of FUSION e.V. focuses primarily on children and young people in areas of social stress. Due to a lack of opportunity and lack of finances, meaningful leisure activities in these areas are rare. It is often the case that hanging around on the street is the only leisure opportunity available. FUSION e.V. creates spaces where young people can find alternative means for developing their creativity. Thus the “youth street” FUSIONSTREET with the YOUTH CLUB MANEGE was developed in the Berlin district of Neukölln to encourage young people to communicate with one another, to develop their own ideas through creative work, and to generally try things out for themselves. The fact that the young people who meet here often have different cultural origins can place large challenges on this work. Violence against people of other cultures or from other faith groups as well as against the opposite sex or people of other sexual orientations are constant issues to be dealt with. For this reason FUSION e.V. is dedicated to addressing a broad span of topics in their workshops and general youth work. Special emphasis is placed on the arts as a form of communication that transcends language and traditional ways of thinking. Music, theatre, dance, costume design, making masks and building sculptures as well as working with film at the MANEGE are important ways in which young people can represent their own realities to others. Creativity promotes not only acceptance and respect amongst the young people; it also brings with it a feeling of responsibility as well as other social skills. The results of these art projects are presented to the general public in a number of different forms including through the Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures) before a large public audience, through street celebrations, parties or through unconventional exhibitions. Pride in their own achievement and the public acknowledgment of their work promotes self-confidence and helps the young people to develop into an adult in a challenging world. This creative and artistic work goes beyond classical social work, offering new avenues and methods of youth work towards the successful organization of social space and urban regeneration.

FUSION e.V. finances the basic work of the MANEGE FUSIONSTREET through service contracts with the Jugendförderung des Bezirksamts Neukölln (the Youth Promotion Office for the district of Neukölln). The means for financing special stand-alone projects are acquired through additional funding sources and the occasional undertaking of artistic work-to-order projects. The funding for the development of the Jugendstrasse (youth street) 2002/2003 and the organizing of the socio-cultural projects in the year 2004 came from the Bund-Länder-Programms “Soziale Stadt” (the federal and regional government program “Social City”).

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