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Since 2002, FUSION e.V. has been the provider responsible for the MANEGE youth club. The youth club promotes the concept of creative work with young people, which is done in such a way as to encourage young people to take responsibility for their own activities. Thus the club is partly organized by the young people themselves: the running of the bar, the design, layout and art work in the youth club as well as the organization of different workshops are carried out by the young people. One can see from the outside of MANEGE that a high value is given to art, creativity and fantasy at the youth club. The facade is covered with objects made from polyester, and the walls have lots of artistic mosaics and graffiti work. Everything is colorful and alive. The art is a means of communication between the young people. It allows them the possibility to make contact and develop friendships with one another in a natural way. In a large hall with a stage at one end, children play table tennis and juggling, learn Break- and Streetdance, practice their dance choreography or music mixing. Others sit comfortably in the Café playing chess or backgammon, or simply chatting with one another. In the MANEGE youth club the young people can do whatever takes their fancy as long as they adhere to the basic rule: Respect! The atmosphere and handling of one another is informal and relaxed. The MANEGE is a second home for many of the children and young people. In the art workshop the young people can observe the development of complex art objects and figures. Under professional supervision, they can also learn how to construct such sculptures themselves through the welding and processing of metal. The masks, costumes and mobile sculptures for the youth club’s participation in the annual “Karneval der Kulturen” (Carnival of Cultures) are also made here.

What the MANEGE offers the young people depends on the priorities and needs of those who attend the youth club. One reacts spontaneously to the desires and demands of the children and young people. Creative initiatives and suggestions are taken up on demand. This flexibility and openness in approach is the key strength of the MANEGE. For those growing up, the MANEGE is a proactive space in which they find people who will take them seriously and offer them active support. The FUSION team always has time to listen to the problems of the young people and to try to help them find a solution, whether the issue relates to difficulties with their homework, trouble with the police, finding housing or a job, or other personal problems. The goal is to help the young people to help themselves, in the same sense as that of Lao Tse’s famous saying:

“Give a fish to a man, he feeds himself once. Teach him fishing, he feeds himself for his whole life.”

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