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They emerge unexpectedly on the street. Huge and colourful, they look down on the passers by, offering a different picture on the otherwise rather drab district of Neukölln. Two oversize bullfrogs at the entrance of the Rütlistraße are the recognizable symbols of our FUSIONSTREET and are also visible images within the local area. Through the blocking-off and transformation of the street, an oasis has been created. Such places in Neukölln are seldom found. But not only is the appearance of the street unusual. Although established to meet the needs of children and young people, FUSIONSTREET is an open space where all people from the local area can get together. This is important for living with one another, particularly in an area where many different ethnic groups reside.

The idea developed in 2001 out of simple logic: a small road with two schools, two kindergartens and a youth centre on it but without residents and hardly used at all by traffic, could be developed as a road for children and young people - a ‘youth street’. The concept for FUSIONSTREET was further developed through a planning workshop in 2002, with the pupils from Rütli high school as well as the children and young people from the MANEGE youth club participating. In two well-attended local meetings the concept was presented to the general public and positively received by most local residents. As a result, FUSIONSTREET has been developed as a large, 350 meter long activity area: there is space for sports and games, for socializing and hanging out, and an open air cafe. Parties, concerts, dance performances, flea markets, art and theatre - all these interesting ideas have been realized here. For the adjacent schools, FUSIONSTREET is a kind of extended school playground. As previously noted, the youth street is not only the reserve of the young people, and we are equally pleased to facilitate initiatives which come from the local residents as well as from other local youth services. All are welcome here, whether with the goal of helping the local young people or simply visiting Rütlistraße to enjoy coffee and cake in a friendly atmosphere.

With FUSIONSTREET, FUSION e.V. has worked to change a part of the urban landscape into a living social space which meets the needs of the children and young people growing up here. The 'youth street' development makes our work visible to the general public as well as increasing positive perceptions about the local area and the cultural variety found within it.

The project could not have been so quickly realized and developed without the helpful cooperation of all involved participants. FUSION e.V. would especially like to thank the Berliner Senatverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung (the Berlin Senate's Department for City Development) as the project contractor, and the Bezirksamt Neukölln (the Neukölln district council) and the Quartiersmanagement Reuterplatz (the Quartiers Management office for the Reuterplatz, Neukölln) for their confidence in and consistent support of the project.

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