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1996: Establishment of the non-profit organization FUSION-Intercultural Projects Berlin e.V.. The founding members of the board are Wolfgang Janzer and Martha Galvis de Janzer who helped form and initiate Berlin’s annual “Karneval der Kulturen” (Carnival of Cultures).

1997: Creative work with children and young people in Schöneberg and in the Rollberg area of Neukölln. Participation in the “Karneval der Kulturen” (Carnival of Cultures).

1998: Work with children and young people from different areas of Berlin in an old factory space belonging to the YAAM-club in Cuvrystraße, Kreuzberg. Cooperation with the YAAM-club and OUTREACH Neukölln.

Participation in the “Karneval der Kulturen” (Carnival of Cultures) and the LOVEPARADE with young people of German, Turkish and Arabic origin from Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Marzahn.

Financing: The projects in the years 1996 - 1998 were accomplished without local financial support. The participation in the LOVEPARADE 1998 was sponsored by  the Musik Produktiv firm, which paid the registration fees and the truck rental as well as making the sound and lighting system available to us.

Summer months 1998: Mask-building project with children in Reuterplatz, Neukölln. The project was financed by the Jugendförderung Neukölln (the Youth Promotion Office for the district of Neukölln).

1998 - 2001: Running projects in the art workshop in the Kinder- und Jugendzentrum (child and youth centre) “Manege” in Neukölln on behalf of the Jugendförderung Neukölln (the Youth Promotion Office for the district of Neukölln).

1999: Recognition as an independent youth service by the Neukölln district council. FUSION e.V. becomes a corporate member of the workers' welfare institute (AWO).

July 1999: Participation in the UNICEF-Kinderfestival (UNICEF children’s festival) at the town hall in Neukölln.

Summer months 1999: Artistic design and organization of the front of the Kinder- und Jugendzentrum (child and youth centre) “Manege” on behalf of the Hochbauamtes Neukölln (the Building Department of the Neukölln district council). Creative work and play with children and young people on the Reuterplatz in Neukölln on behalf of the Jugendförderung Neukölln (the Youth Promotion Office for the district of Neukölln).

1999 to 2000: Job creation for 18 unemployed young people through the work promotion program “Integration durch Arbeit” (IdA) ("Integration through Work") in cooperation with the business organizations “Neuköllner Arbeit” and “A&QUA”.

1999/2000/2001: Participation in the “Karneval der Kulturen” (Carnival of Cultures) - with numerous children, young people and adults - as one of the largest and most spectacular groups. The beginning of a long-term project at the Rütli-Oberschule (Rütli high school) in Neukölln: an art project for the school’s stairwell in cooperation with pupils from different classes and the art teacher (until the spring term of 2001, as part of the school course “VHS Neukölln” – “Neukölln College”).

2000: January - April: Exhibition of FUSION art work at the town hall in Neukölln and at the “VHS Neukölln” (“Neukölln College”).

Spring 2000: Planning and implementation of a community meeting place (named “KIOSK”) at Reuterplatz in Neukölln on behalf of the Jugendförderung Neukölln (the Youth Promotion Office for the district of Neukölln).

April 2000 to June 2001: Running of the “KIOSK” at Reuterplatz, Neukölln, for carrying out activities with children, young people and local residents.

2001: In June, completion of the project work in the MANEGE and in the KIOSK at Reuterplatz, Neukölln.

July 2001 until September 2002: Carrying out art work in a studio in the Pannierstrasse 58, Neukölln. The work at the studio was supported by the workers' welfare institute (AWO) and the firm Heimwerkerbedarf H.-J. Neumann.

2002: Implementation of the project “Kunst im Kiez” (“art in the neighbourhood”) in Marzahn, Berlin. This was carried out on behalf of the Quartiersagentur Marzahn Nord-West (the Quartiers Management office for the north west area of Marzahn) in the FUSION-Werkstatt (workshop) in Eichhorster Straße. In cooperation with the local children and young people, six large sculptures were built from steel and polyester, which were then installed in the public area.
Follow-up project: Since autumn 2003, FUSION carries out art and design work on the front of a neighborhood home in Rosenbeckerstrasse 25 in Marzahn-Ahrensfelde, Berlin. This project was done on behalf of the Quartiersagentur Marzahn Nord-West (the Quartiers Management office for the north west area of Marzahn) and funded through the joint federal and regional social program “Soziale Stadt” (“Social City”) in cooperation with the firms G.U.T. Consult and 0815/Industries.

From 23 September 2002, on the basis of a three year service contract with the Abteilung Jugend des Bezirksamtes Neukölln (Youth Department of the Neukölln district council), FUSION becomes the local provider responsible for the Kinder- und Jugendzentrums MANEGE (child and youth centre MANEGE). The upper floor of the premises is used by the AWO for an employment-orientation project.

Implementation of numerous projects with children and young people: creation of an art workshop at the MANEGE in which large sized sculptures and objects are made with the help of the local children and young people: 2002, production of three advertising columns in the form of toadstools, which were then installed at various locations in Neukölln. The project was funded through the LOS-Program.

2003: In cooperation with the pupils, three large animal sculptures were built for the schoolyard of the Hermann-Sander-Grundschule (Hermann-Sander primary school) in Neukölln. The project was carried out in cooperation with the Agrarbörse Deutschland Ost e.V. and the Architekturbüro (architect’s office) Hollricher.

: Production of “street furniture” from steel and polyester, one Café sign, two FUSION-Go-Karts as well as a mobile bar for FUSIONSTREET.

From October 2002 FUSION e.V. is responsible for the project “Jugendstrasse” (“Youth Street”) in cooperation with local young people and residents. Over a number of years this project will convert the Rütlistrasse in Neukölln into a new form of active social space in which school, leisure time and work are linked. The project was developed in cooperation with the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umweltschutz (the Berlin Senate’s Department for City Development and Environmental Protection), the Quartiersmanagement Reuterplatz (the Quartiers Management office for the Reuterplatz, Neukölln), a number of departments of the Neukölln district council and the workers' welfare institute. The first two phases of the project were financed through the joint federal and regional social program “Soziale Stadt” (“Social City”).

1. Project phase 2002/2003: Construction measures

  • Creation of a project office in Pannierstrasse 58, Neukölln (from September 2004 in the youth club MANEGE, Rütlistrasse 1-3, Neukölln ). For the setting up of the office there was additional financial support obtained from the Institut für Zukunftsforschung und Technologiebewertung (IZT) (the Institute for Future Research and Technology Evaluation).
  • Implementation of a planning workshop with the young people attending the Rütli-Oberschule (Rütli high school)
  • Implementation of two meetings with local residents (December 2002/February 2003) in the MANEGE 
  • Building of two 4m high, 2.5 ton sculptures for the entrance of the “Jugendstrasse” (“Youth Street”) in the art workshop at the MANEGE with the young people in April/May 2003
  • Organisation of a street celebration with appearances for Kool Savas and Antagon theaterAKTion in April 2003
  • Blockage of the Rütlistrasse from motorized traffic in June 2003
  • Building of a terrace café out of steel and wood in the art workshop of the MANEGE
  • Organisation of a street party under the patronage of the Mayor of Neukölln, Heinz Buschkowsky, and in co-operation with Alleins e.V. from the Berlin district of Köpenick: Live appearances included performances by P.R. Cantate and Culcha Candela
  • Installation of large plant pots on the “Jugendstraße” (“Youth street”)

2. Project phase 2004: Socio-cultural projects

  • Installation of the open-air exhibition “Das bin ich” (“That’s Me”) under the patronage of the Integration Minister of the Berlin Senate, Günter Piening, in April 2004. 50 large photos were produced by the photographer Volker Roloff in collaboration with the children and young people at the MANEGE, these photos were then hung on steel cables across the street from April to October2004. The exhibition was financed by the Deutschen Kinderhilfswerk (a German child welfare organization).
  • Participation in the “Karneval der Kulturen” (Carnival of Cultures) in May 2004, with large mobile sculptures which were manufactured in the art workshop at the MANEGE with the help of the children and young people. FUSION received the jury prize for the most beautiful float.
  • Organization of Theatre workshops, with the Antagon theaterAKTion from Frankfurt am Main, during the summer months of 2004. On 30 October 2004 a spectacular performance was given in the Jugendstrasse (“Youth Street”). 
  • Organization of sport projects in the Jugendstrasse (“Youth Street”) and in the MANEGE.
  • Opening of the street cafe in front of the MANEGE with the help of the young people.
  • Introduction of a regular breakfast session for the pupils of Rütli-Oberschule (Rütli high school) and the Heinrich-Heine Realschule (Heinrich-Heine high school). 
  • Participation in one of the local Quartiers Management’s “round table” forums designed to bring together all the parties involved in the Jugendstrasse (“Youth Street”): FUSION e.V., AWO, Quartiers Management, schools, kindergartens, Kinderbüro Neukölln (the Office for Children for the district of Neukölln), Jugendförderung (the Youth Promotion Office for the district of Neukölln), and residents of the Jugendstrasse (“Youth Street”).
  • Organization of a sport-oriented street celebration on 28 August 2004, with sports competitions and live music.
  • Organization of a costume design workshop
  • Organization of a dance workshop
  • Initiation of a political education project in co-operation with the Rütli-Oberschule (Rütli high school) with the title “Jugendstrassenkonferenz” (“Youth Street Conference)": Pupils formulate their own points of view about the present system of educational and compile some suggestions for improvement.
  • On 30 October 2004, the open-air season comes to an end with a spectacular theatre performance from Antagon theaterAKTion and a live concert from the group of “Casino Gitano”.

2005: From April 2005 the administration of the Jugendstrasse (“Youth Street”) by the project office in the MANEGE, as well as a set of eight street activities, was financed by the Youth Department of the Neukölln district council. Within this framework, the following eight activities took place in 2005: a warm-up 2005 season opener, a children’s party, a “school is out” party at the beginning of the summer holidays, a sports event “fusionstreet competition day”, a live youth band event, the Neukölln Olympics “Olymp-X-Games”, a fairy tale party, as well as an end of season finale.

During this period, numerous Street and Breakdance courses as well as Juggling, Acrobatic and Sport workshops took place in the MANEGE and on the Youth Street, which were often organized by the young people themselves. These activities were funded through the Bund-Länder-Programms “Soziale Stadt” (the joint federal and regional program “Social City”). From September, a six month course was offered for advanced dancers to become dance teachers for children and young people. This training was made possible through funding from the program “LOS – Lokales Kapital für Soziale Zwecke” (“LOS - local capital for social causes”).

Apart from these activities, FUSION e.V. also participated in numerous projects with other associations, organizations and initiatives in the form of public appearances, creating stage back-drops and decoration, participating in workshops, etc. The young people themselves were heavily involved in all these activities.

Memberships: FUSION e.V. is represented on the Migrationsbeirat Neukölln (Migration Advisory Committee for the district of Neukölln), the Quartiersbeirat Reuterkiez (Quartiers Management Advisory Committee for the Reuterkeiz), the Kiez-AG (the Working Group for the local area) and on the Rütli-Oberschule (Rütli high school) Council, and is involved in the development of the Berlin youth leisure centers quality management handbook on behalf of the Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Sport (the Berlin Senate’s Department of Education, Youth and Sport).

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